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Course Material:  Here you'll find stuff that you might find useful for our class, including homework lists, reviews, videos you can use for extra help, and anything else I think might give you a hand.

C Block CP Algebra II – Carlson/Powers

D Block CP Algebra II - Carlson

What we expect –

1.     Work Hard—at the start of every class, please begin the problems on the board; during class, please work on problems or projects that I assign, with the students around you; at home, please complete the assigned homework problems.

2.     Don’t Give Up—through this course, more than anything, I would like to help encourage you to become more resilient mathematicians.  We will work this year on how to get past roadblocks on your way to doing increasingly challenging math.

3.     Be Nice—in this room, you are all working towards a common goal of mastering a second year of algebra. There is no room for cruelty, disrespect, or anything but pleasantness for any member of our classroom. 

What you should expect –

1.     Spirals – weekly cumulative quizzes that allow you to improve your grades as you show improvement on your skills.  We’ll go into this more when we take our first spiral next Friday. 

2.     Calculators –it is important that you are able to work math problems with and without calculators—there will be times for both during the year.  It is expected that you will have a calculator with you in class, and take it home in order to work on homework.  If you don’t already have a calculator, I highly recommend the TI-84+ because it lets you do math on the calculator that looks like the math you do on paper, but any graphing calculator will do fine—I’d recommend looking at the list of calculators you can use on the SAT.  If purchasing a calculator would be a financial hardship, let me know, and I’ll put you in touch with Ms. Noftle to get a loaner.

3.     Grading – Grading in this class will be a mixture of spirals, homework, classwork, and modeling projects. There is also a mid-term and a final/senior final test for all students. 

4.     Homework – On most nights, you will have homework to complete to practice the concepts we studied during the previous day's class.  Homework may be graded directly, or at the start of class as part of our warm-up.  Sometimes, homework may be assigned in the form of watching a video you will find on our class website.  Speaking of which…

5.     Class website  I’ve set up a website, (, where throughout the year I will put a variety of resources to help you in this course. 

6.     Book – We’ll be using the giant green book.  I will use the book to assign homework, and that’s about it.  It can stay wherever it is that you complete your homework. 

7.     Binder - Each student should have a binder, preferably 1" or 1.5".  If you already have one, just check with us to make sure it will work.  The binder will be divided into three sections: homework, class notes, and reference sheets.  We will take the homework and notes out approximately every 2 weeks so the binders don't get too full, but reference sheets should always stay in your binder.  The reference sheets will be very helpful, used to refresh your memory on certain types of problems you learn now that are part of bigger problems later in the year.

8.     Communication – I live in room A210, you can reach me by email at either, or  Mr. Powers is our co-teacher and has an office in A328.  E-mail is

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