The Lost

we start life strong, and strong we live

we fight for peace of mind

we love until our love’s worn out

and quietly we die


but there are those who disappear

whose tears we never see

there are those who cringe in fear

and we ignore their plea


they are the lost among the norm

deprived a joyful song

they live without the love we have

and we stare blindly by


they move away, become unknown

before unblinking eyes

an empty chair, becomes a grave

and we, their lives deny


some lost become what others won’t

and serve the ones they feared

they live the lives we cast for them

and we walk idly by


among the lost, are those more gone

than those who live to serve

the missing lost, are gone for good

and we take off and fly


the lost become the darkened tales

that haunt the ears of youths

forgotten echoes of our friends

and we believe our lies


they live unseen, beneath our feet

the lost, before they leave

they dance alone, while we live on

and quietly we die

© Tofer Carlson 2011