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Glow            Drama    Cast:  3 (1F 2M)        10 pages

Three college seniors contemplate their futures while spending the night hunting fireflies.

First production:      New Voices 26

                                Katie:  Kelsey Mawhiney

                                Jacob:  Alex Levy

                                Will:  Nick Bebel

A Letter Unsent            Drama        Cast:  11 (4F 3M 4 Either)          27 pages

Three unrelated sets of characters reenact the events that led them to a unified grief counseling session.

First Production:  New Voices 27

                             Matt:    Joel Sutherland

                             Evan:  Steven Vessella

                             Rick:  Rick Desilets

                             Wendy:  Anika Blodgett

                             Counselor:  Corey Randall

                             Jennifer:  Lauren Ferrechio

                             Brenda:  Heidi Robertson

                             Angie:  Tanya Soffen

                             Doctors:  Steve Washington, Lizzie Dawson, Dickenson McConnell                     

A Prayer for Rain            Drama        Cast:  5 (3F 2M)            27 pages

A young woman selling lemonade in a purgatory-like environment attempts to get stuck souls to move on.

First Production:  New Voices 28 (reproduced in Hindsight)

                            Carol:  Katherine McKenna

                            Businessman:  Alex Gray

                            Well-Dressed Woman:  Carol Wood

                            Boy:  Nick Teceno

                            Woman:  Miye Jacques

The Spirit of the Season        Holiday Comedy        Cast:  2 (1M 1 Either)           9 pages

A Christmas themed comedy relating the reaction of Santa Claus to an elf attempting to institute new administrative procedures in the North Pole.

First Production:  Striving Through the Snow

                            Jolly Old Man:  Johnbarry Green

                            Administrative Elf:  Melissa Ehlers

It’s a Magical World        Dramatic Comedy        Cast:  4 (1F 3M)        11 pages

Note:  Co-written and co-owned by Tofer Carlson, Ryan Keough, Nick Bebel and Rick Desilets

Two friends face the challenges of growing up and letting go of their childhood innocence and imaginary friends.

The Experiment or Let them eat Cake!        Comedic Monologue (M/F)        3 pages

A participant in a psychological experiment contemplates the merits of eating a piece of cake with unknown consequences.

First Production:  New Voices 29

                            Directed by:  Ben Laverriere

                            Mitchell:  Rhiannon Chiacchiaro

Reflections in Vinyl        Silent Dramatic          Cast:  3 (1F 1M 1 Either)        2 pages

A middle-aged man plays a record and is drawn into a vision of lovers meeting during wartime.

Land of the Living...Living?        Comedy      Cast:  ~8-30 (1F 1M Ensemble)       9 pages

A nerdy college student shows the girl he likes his zombie apocalypse shelter.  Ensemble acts as imagined zombies, creating the scenes described by the two actors.

First Production:  New Voices 30

                            Directed and Choreographed by:  Anika Blodgett




A Spy by any other Name        Comedy        Cast:  3 (1F 1M 1 Either)            15 pages

A spy mistakes a businessman eating lunch for her contact and tries to complete her mission.

First Production:  New Voices 29

                            Directed by:  Alex Rock

                            Marta:  Louisa King

                            Eric:  Ethan Lawrence

                            Sam:  Corey Taulton

Other Productions:  

The Eclectic Company Theatre:  Hurricane Season 2012

Heel to Toe        Comedic Monologue (M/F)        1 page

A college student discusses their obsession with understanding different approaches to walking.

Coriolis        Comedy    Cast 2 (1M 1F)        10 pages

A man argues with his wife about his toilet being possessed.

Happy Trails (but no guarantee)        Comedy   Cast 3 (2F 1 Either)        7 pages

Two old friends discuss some truly unusual occurences in an absurdist western one act.

Her Eyes Open        Drama    Cast 5 (3M 2F)        9 pages

In a postapocalyptic world, four soldiers find the one person that could save them all on a battlefield.

Life Among the Sock Puppets        Comedy    Cast 3 (1M 2F)        10 pages

A mock daytime special about the struggles of the human child (Mutie) of two sock puppets.

Love in the time of Cotton Candy        Comedy     Cast 3 (2M 1F)        13 pages

Two teenagers enjoy each others company during an exceedingly awkward date on a ferris wheel.

 Merry and Bright        Holiday Monologue (M/F)        2 pages

Maurice seeks a little support from the jolly old elf after all his other options fail to pan out.

Up on the Housetop       Holiday Comedy    Cast:  4 (1M 1F 2 Either)     17 pages

Gail and Jimmy discuss their options following a car accident of Christmas proportions (she hit Rudolph).

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